Poetry is beautiful and mysterious... It is a way to express unruly human emotions with grace and beauty. It is born from pain, hardship and leaves the poet lighter for having expressed one's self

An Ode to Nature

Embrace us Mother Nature,

Surround us tonight,

We’ll celebrate life’s bounty

We’ll bathe in the moonlight.

The glades will fill with dancers,

The nightingales would sing,

And all shall praise the mother

For bounty she doth bring!

For lilies pure and white,

For gurgling brooks and springs,

For sparrows, pigeons, kites,

For doves on silver wings!

For flaming fields of wheat,

For apples red and gold,

For dripping combs of honey

And plenty of cedar cold!

We thank you Mother Nature

For the beauty all around!

For the wholesome air we breathe,

For the peace that we have found.

We shall love you Mother Nature,

We shall be your fearsome knights!

You shall stay this way forever,

We’ll protect you with our lives.



What merit would you boast of me?

What have I done that you have not?

My horse will always be too weak-

The runt that trails behind the dogs.

You shall never hold me in esteem

Compared to shadows of the past.

What could I do to redeem

The status I unknowing lost?

We are together, yet alone.

I press ahead, unblessed, unsought-

You stay behind to boast a life

Of medals, merits you have got.

And though a runt I’ll always be to ye

I will make my own destiny!

Destiny born of insolence,

On cost of painful pangs of love.


Two Faced

An ache that builds up often,

A hurt that was unknown,

Desire to build a life

that really is my own.

Pain of living the lie,

It eats away my soul,

I have to keep the mask

Bound, uncracking, whole.

The wish to let you know

I am unknown to you,

Is ruled by the fear

of rejection from you.

The world cares only

For the endlessly nice,

Diplomatic faces

Are best at playing dice.



I say ‘I believe in Him’,

I boast to be Muslim,

But is it really true?

Cause whatever I do,

I can’t be rid of sins.

I do things I should not,

Mistakes that do get caught,

At times I know it’s wrong,

But my whims push me on

To make ambitious shots.

My heart is full of fear,

But my mind, it’s clear

Over rules the heart;

And plays its awful part,

Despite heart’s bleeding tears.

There are people powerful,

Who resist desires pull,

If only I could be

Their shadow, just to see

Them thwart this pull.

I maybe redeemed yet …


Cry of the Heart

 The "real world" is shallow,
The "real world is harsh,
Petty, meaningless-
Bogs me down the marsh,

Clips my wing
Breals mt#y dreams,
Drowns me not in
oceans, but streams!

My music is gone,
My muse is sick,
My lyre's unplucked,
No rhythm to lick,

Let me fly my fancy,
Let me swim my dream,
Let me sing to a world
That's deaf to my dreams!

For the bird shall fly
People watch or no,
For dreams shall live
People watch or no.

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