Poetry is beautiful and mysterious... It is a way to express unruly human emotions with grace and beauty. It is born from pain, hardship and leaves the poet lighter for having expressed one's self

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Garden of Prayer

The Religious Series

By, Vickie Gray
(Written: 7/30/2008)

We built a garden over there
A serene place to go for prayer

When I feel the need to talk
From my house, I take a walk

My spirit calms as I step in
I know the Lord resides herein

Sitting near the gurgling fountain
I feel my God as he moves my mountain

Yet a little longer I’ll sit here
Peacefully in my garden of prayer

 The Garden
The Fairy Series

By, Vickie Gray
(Written: 3/9/2009) 

I can imagine a garden, underneath these trees
Filled with things so fragrant attracting honey bees

I’ll walk along the path I made and give out little sighs
For the beauty that surrounds me while I watch the butterflies

There will be a little bird bath in that clearing over there
I’ll sit on that concrete bench enjoying nature’s fair

I’ll pay close attention as the sun begins to fade
And the fireflies begin to swarm, lighting up my way

Because those little butterflies I watched while it was day
Will change into fairies and I’ll watch them while they play

I cannot imagine a better place to be
Than sitting on that concrete bench underneath the trees


Submitted by Syed Abrar Hussain on 2 June 2010

(This is a translation of an Urdu poem by Syed Abrar Hussain)

{Rakaposhi or Räkapoşi is a mountain in the Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan. With a height of 7,788 meters, it is ranked 27th highest in the world and 12th highest in Pakistan, but it is more popular for its beauty than its rank might suggest}


Tall and stunning beauty,
She and her neighboring mountains
Soar with so much grandeur
That one feels humbled

While looking at them.
And when man sees her from the sky,
Rakaposhi looks like a sea of frozen light,
which stretches beyond sight.

No one knows
The age of Rakaposhi,
And those who know her know only
That Rakaposhi is a silver head.
This mighty ancient has stood here
For many a thousand centuries.

And her pride and height give us the message,
That a head held proud and high has a price:
She has to bear the snow that falls on her shoulders.

For he who does not bow nor kneel
Is burdened with a world of hardships and difficulties.
But your forbearance is always rewarded.
The more you do the more you get.

So from the feet of Rakaposhi
Gurgle brooks and springs
Which bring life to the dry earth
And turn parched ground into orchards.
Its these springs that bring summer
and hopes and dreams to all.

Dying Slowly in Defeat

The Dragon Series

By, Vickie Gray
(Written: 1/15/2009) 

She looked inside the cavern for the dragon living there
She was ready to do battle in this dragon’s lair

The farther that she went the darker it became
She wondered if she’d see it before it threw the flame

Cautiously she inched her way along the cold stone walls
Fearing the noise she’d make if just one rock would fall

She could hear the groans that came from the darkness of the cave
She knew she’d have to face it even though she wasn’t brave

As she turned the final corner she could feel the dragon’s breath
Hot, stale and labored it appeared to be near death

Could it be that this dragon was defeated after all?
Its memory would dim each year from this moment on

She sighed with relief and decided to retreat
For her dragon lay there dying slowly in defeat
See! The Glass Is Half Full!

Posted May 18th, 2010 by USI
To where your teardrops often fall,
A smile can bloom and glow,
With roots and stems, and leaves so green
Believe and let it grow
To where your dreams are laid to rest,

Best Intentions
Posted May 25th, 2010 by twizzler (Free Style)

The best intentions pull the trigger
The best intentions guide the bullet
The best intentions cut through the heart
The best intentions died and fell apart
Your heart was inside that bullet

You Are Loved
Posted May 16th, 2010 by USI

Don't despair if I pass right this second,
Don't let your touch and your sight
Untwine the rope that binds us.
Just listen closely, you'll know, I'm there



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